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Handling Client Allergies Like A Pro

Have you ever had a client lay down excited to get lashed, but as you are working you can see them tearing up? Unfortunately this is a common problem among lash artists and clients. Sensitive clients can be experiencing regular irritation or they could be experiencing allergies. In this blog we will be breaking down the difference between client irritation vs allergies, how to minimize the reaction, and how to keep sensitive clients as comfy as possible. 

Irritation vs Allergies

Sometimes your client may start tearing up and your mind goes to the dreaded allergy route. Before you panic make sure to rule out what else could be the cause of discomfort. If your client complains you should first make sure you take a look at your tape and make adjustments. Sometimes taping too close to the lower lash line can cause unwanted irritation and is a simple fix. A sneaky irritation source could also be placing the lashes too close onto the lash line. Another common cause is your client opening their eyes during the service, this could be because they are restless or sometimes it just happens! In this case they are most likely being irritated by the fumes of the adhesive and the irritation will clear on its own.

Allergies on the other hand are reactions that do not go away on their own and are not caused by small errors. Some clients are allergic to common ingredients found in lash extension adhesives. While other clients may be experiencing contact dermatitis. There is usually redness, itching, burning sensations, as well as a feeling of grittiness in the eye. Also keep in mind that some allergies develop out of the blue. So if your longtime client starts experiencing this, don’t rule out allergies. Allergies typically start the day after your client is lashed and will continue to get worse. If your client contacts you for a removal, keep in mind you may end up causing more irritation during the service. 

Servicing Sensitive Clients

Before you start lashing your client, it’s important to note how exactly they care for their lashes. Sensitive clients will need to put in more work at maintaining their lashes, and it’s crucial they understand this. Without proper aftercare they could develop infections which can lead to damaged lashes, and even vision problems. Once the aftercare plan is established and you’re lashing here are some ways to prevent or minimize the clients irritation. Something else to note is that if allergic reactions occur three days after the service they are not because of the service, but may be poor aftercare.

  1. Protect the skin (eyelid) with a light film of Vaseline, be sure not to apply the Vaseline too close to the lash line (where eyeliner is applied).

Vaseline acts like a protective shield/barrier on the skin, therefore elements that may cause an irritation will not sit on the skin.

  1. Use clear adhesive which does not have the carbon black which can cause irritation with sensitive skin/eyes. Try ours formulated for sensitive clients here!
  2. Use a nano mister every 20 mins to help cure and speed up the drying of the adhesive
  3. Dry with a fan. If you need a lash fan try ours here!
  4. Remove layer of Vaseline on the eyelid
  5. Once you are done with your set, rinse your clients eyes with distilled water using your nozzled bottle.

*** Rinsing your client's eyes after the application should not affect the retention if using a bonderBy rinsing the eye this will reduce any elements that are left on the lash line, will in turn reduce the potential chance of the irritation to occur.

Another potential solution, if your client refuses to surrender to allergies, is recommending they talk to their doctor about an RX for contact dermatitis called Dexamethasone. They can apply before their appointment and you can apply after their appointment!


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