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Marketing Tips for Lash Stylists

Top 7 Marketing Tips

1. Taking pictures and videos during your appointments.

This is up to you and your personal preferences, but you need to make sure you at least capture your end product. Some lash artists prefer time lapses or sped up videos, whereas others will just snap a quick picture at the end of the appointment. Your strategy should depend on your goals.

2. Establish what you want to Communicate

Marketing is all about communicating. If your goal is to show off your work to gain clients, then they will need to see your end product. If it’s to communicate a sale, then it should be clear to viewers what they’re looking at and why. You can create free graphic designs using Canva to show visually what you’re trying to say.


3. Understanding Target Customer

This is a big one and will influence how you create and caption your social media posts. If you are a small business and you are the only lash artist, maybe it’s beneficial to be casual and informal in your postings, because your clients love your goofy side. But if you’re working at a lash house then maybe your marketing will be a little more conservative. Knowing who you are appealing to is important in getting them to engage with your posts. So make sure you take a mental note on your clients attitudes and what they enjoy interacting with on social media.

4. Using the right Hashtags

A lot of lash artists who post are not utilizing one of the biggest tools social media has to offer properly. This ends up making them miss out on engagement, which could have translated to more bookings. When doing research on which hashtags will benefit you keep in mind who you want to see your posts. For example if I’m a lash artist in NJ, I would look for the most used hashtags that address that I’m a lash artist and my location. This would be something like #njlashartist, #njlashes, #newjerseyeyelashextensions. It is also important to throw in some general hashtags that are popular in the industry such as #lashlove #lashes #lashboss. These help you cover your bases in terms of attracting clients and/or visibility.

5. Marketing Strategy is Trial & Error

Do not be discouraged if your posts are slow at gaining traction or may not be receiving the attention you want. Stay consistent when trying out a social media strategy and then assess what may or may not be working. Looking at analytics may help you understand if your hashtags are ineffective, where people are finding your post, if the post leads them to click your booking link, and more. Which leads us to…

6. Check Your Analytics

Most social media platforms show a multitude of analytics for free. These are important because they cover who is interacting from your page and from where. For example, if you see your posts getting traction in Texas but not New Jersey then you may want to adjust the time you post or utilize more location specific hashtags. They also show engagement rates so you can see what has worked for you in the past. This means you can cater your posts to fit like other successful ones.

7. The Rule of 7's

Finally for tip #7, we're talking about the rule of 7’s! This is a marketing term that means it takes a customer 7 times seeing an advertising message before it can translate into a sale. Marketing is all about repeating a message until your potential customer turns into a first time customer. This is why it’s important to be consistent when posting, and to keep showing off your beautiful work. You may think it can be repetitive but consistent posting is what might make that client book for the 1st time!


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