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If you are an lash artist or aspiring to be one. Lure Lash Pro Academy offers comprehensive hands on and online lash training courses suited for all of your lash education needs

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The entire Lure Lash Pro collection curated by lash stylists.

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Lure Lash Pro's best selling professional lash products

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Classic Lashes

Our classic lash collection for professional lash stylists is a must have in your lash collection arsenal.  Our high quality lashes are easy to pick up and apply.  Perfect for your everyday classic eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Lure Lash Pro Eyelash Extension Adhesives.

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Our lash lift and brow lamination service is a favorite among clients. After years of trying different products we have finally found the best company that not only cares for the health of the lashes but also provides the results you have been looking for. InLei products have been clinically proven and tested in all of our Lure Lash Salons.

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Our most popular aftercare retail items for the lash lift and brow lamination service. Your clients will love these products!

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Inlei Brow Lamination

The Brow Lamination necessities!

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Inlei Lash Lift

All the necessary products needed for the best Lash Lift!

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Light Volume Lashes

Our faux mink .10 lashes are our most natural looking eyelash extension.  This lash type and diameter is perfect for 2d and 3d lash sets as well as hybrid sets.  The soft and light lash makes for a naturally fluffy volume design that your clients will love.  

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Learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace! Now available Classic Lash Extensions and Lash Lift Courses.

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Premade Ultra Mega Box

This Ultra Mega Box from Lure Lash Pro has 400 premade high quality fans.  Each row is handmade and each fan is heat bonded.  The lashes are placed on the row for easy lift without damaging the fan.  

This product is great for classic and volume trained stylists.  This will save you time and money! 

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Premade Volume Fans

Lure Lash Pro Pre-made fans are not your average pre-mades.  The base was created to mimic hand made fans which wrap around the natural lash.  This new revolutionary high quality product was designed to be used by classic and volume trained stylists. 

This product will speed up your volume sets or take your classic sets to a hybrid design.  Mix and match your thickness for a more textured look.  

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Pro Lash Solutions

These tools will help with your application process!

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Retail products for lash professionals

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Smart Fan Lashes

Lure Lash Pro Smart Fan lashes helps you create volume lashes much easier and faster.  Great for intermediate and advanced lash stylists.  It's simple to use, as soon as you grab the lashes with your volume tweezers the base is tapered to create a fan.  

You can also mix with your pre made fans and your mega volume set time will be cut in half! .03, .05, and .07 widths available. 

Try them today! 

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Eyebrow and lash tint.  Tools needed for the lash lift and brow lamination service.

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Lure Lash Pro Eyelash Extension Tweezers for professionals

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Volume Lashes

Volume lashes created for the perfect mega volume set.  Our .03 and .05 volume lashes are so soft and dark!! Perfect to use on any client.

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